Is it cold in Finland?

with Pas de commentaire

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+5°C     Finns (=people from Finland) sunbathe

+2°C     Italians cars won’t start

0°C       Water freezes

-10°C    Finns go winter swimming

-18°C    Finns turn the heat on in their homes. American cars won’t start.

-25°C    It’s too cold to kiss. Japanese cars won’t start.

-35°C    Finns start playing outdoor games.

-39°C    Mercury freezes. It’s too cold to think. Finns button up their shirt.

-52°C    Cars want to go under the blanket with you. Finns put their jacket on.

-75°C    Eskimos escape from the North Pole. Finns cover their head. 

-209°C  Nitrogen turns to liquid.

-270°C  Hell freezes.

-273.5°C The absolute zero. All motion stops. Finns starts talking about the cold weather.


*Texte extrait d’une carte postale pour touristes intrigués par l’indifférence des finnois face aux conditions climatiques extrêmes.